WHY bArctic

All Day Wearable Shade

The Difference Our Patented Technology Makes — 31.1°F Cooler

Demonstrated Below

With bArctic (98.6°F)

Thermal photo showing dog temperature at 98.7F degrees

Without bArctic (129.7°F)

Thermal photo showing dog temperature at 98.7F degrees

Thermal images above were captured using FLIR, the world leader in the design, and manufacture of thermal imaging infrared cameras. View detailed PDF

How Our Patented Technology Works

Stays Cool

Unlike other fabric, our patented fabric does NOT trap and absorb the sun‘s energy that creates heat — rather transforms it into healthy red and near-infrared light that creates a cooling effect…all through the cutting-edge science of laser physics and optics. Our special fabric does not heat up because it converts and emits the light, releasing the energy.

UV Light Conversion

Just imagine the comfort your active dog will enjoy in the shade-like environment of a dog shirt where 98% of all harmful UVA and UVB light is converted into healthy light!? This is the same healthy light used by veterinarians to reduce joint and muscle pain and inflammation.

No Water Required

Plus, there’s no water required like other dog cooling shirts that rely on water evaporation. So this shade effect lasts all day long, without the weight of water! However, if your bArctic does get wet, the technology still works and your pup can also enjoy the natural cooling effect of evaporation.


Our patented technology fabric was made for durability. The fabric was designed to emulate rash guards for white water kayaking and scuba diving. The belly mesh fabric is made to meet military specifications. It also has antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties. The bArctic Shade shirt fabric washes easily too.

Health Benefits For Your Dog

  • Reduces risk of overheating
  • Re-purposes 98% of harmful UV light into healthy cool red and near-infrared light
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Unlike sunscreen, our fabric allows healthy light in
  • A happy dog is an active dog - especially when they are cool and comfortable (Bonus: This means more time outside for you, too!)

Vet Experts Review the bArctic Shirt

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