Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design

1. Our fabric is designed for durability to prolong the useful life of the product. The belly mesh fabric is made to meet military specifications.

2. Our care instructions are located on both the shirt and our website. This helps the customer to take care of their shirt properly, which will make it last longer.

Reusability and recyclability

We are committed to solutions that support a healthy environment. Luckily, we are located in the heart of the North Carolina textile industry and have been fortunate enough to attend training through the Carolina Textile District in partnership with the Manufacturing Solutions Center. This is where we learned about The Material Return, where fabric waste is collected and transformed into new marketable products. While other fabric recycling services often ship fabric overseas, the Material Return has a reclamation service that operates all within a 75 mile radius. We were also able to see the products being produced from recycled fabric.  We plan to be a part of this solution, backing us will help us get one step closer to making that a possibility!

Sustainable materials

1. The shirt’s color is infused into the yarn through laser technology, . This reduces the amount of water used in producing the shirt.

2. Most dog cooling products use water as the cooling agent. Our shirt does not require water which eliminates water usage and consumption of plastic water bottles or jugs.

3. Our dog shirt is easy to hand wash and dries quickly, so maintenance does not require the energy of a washing machine or dryer.

Environmentally friendly factories

We proudly use Contempora Fabrics located in Lumberton, North Carolina where they are committed to sustainability. They are committed to reducing waste and increasing recycling. Contempora Fabrics has eliminated approximately 80% of their waste containers annually through minor operational adjustments. They also reduce fuel consumption by transporting raw materials and fabric in the same shipment. They also use energy-efficient lighting and heating/air conditioning. Contempora Fabrics is constantly looking for unidentified opportunities to make a new and cleaner environment. Unifi is our yarn manufacturer located in Yadkinville, North Carolina. In all of their facilities, they actively seek to eliminate waste and conserve resources, especially with energy, labor, packaging, and transportation. At Unifi, they transform recycled plastic bottles into REPREVE® recycled performance fiber. Apex Mills is our belly mesh fabric manufacturer located in Graham, North Carolina. They are dedicated to making “greener” products. Any of their fabrics can be made with recycled yarn or the newer biobased or environmentally degradable yarn. We are proud to be using these manufactures!

Sustainable Distribution

Our company and shirt manufacturer are located in Charlotte, NC. Our other manufacturers, pattern makers, and seamstress are also local. Because of this we are able to reduce our fuel footprint used in creating and delivering our product. Our shirt manufacturer will also be doing our fulfillment. This will eliminate the transportation back to our company, thus lowering our fuel footprint.

Additional Information

Our shirt uses the sun to create a cooling effect. The sun is natural, sustainable, and important to all living things on the planet. Furthermore, all Coolvio employees and contractors work from home, thus lowering our carbon footprint.

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