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Linda Coad Bio Photo
Linda Coad Bio Photo
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Linda Coad

President, CEO and CFO

A note about Linda Coad, by Remi Haygood

I could not ask for a better business partner than Linda Coad. I have known Linda personally and professionally for 10 years. There are many wonderful words to describe Linda, but the five that I adore the most are honest, hard-working, generous, smart, and kind. Linda is also committed to her family — both human and fur babies!

Linda loves and finds peace in the outdoors. She enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, and SUP yoga. She is happiest in nature and when living a healthy lifestyle. It also truly amazes me that Linda can tell you all about herbal teas and the benefits of each type!

Remi Haygood Bio Photo
Remi Haygood Bio Photo
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Remi Haygood

Director of Marketing

A note about Remi Haygood, by Linda Coad

Remi and I became fast friends when we met ten years ago. We shared many of the same challenges — both single moms, owned and operated our respective businesses, and we each had a daughter we were determined to raise to be a strong, resilient woman. She loves walking and biking on the Charlotte Rail Trail and her favorite season is winter because she loves to knit by the fireplace while binge-watching Netflix. Remi also has two pets, a Chihuahua rescue named Taco and an English Angora rabbit named Wyatt. She finds it hilarious that Wyatt is bigger than Taco!

Through the years, I’ve seen Remi handle situations with a smile and her bubbly personality. Her customers love her. Even on tough days when things aren’t going right, she always maintains a positive attitude. Simply put, she has grit.

I know she will go the extra mile for her customers and our company. I’m happy to start this Coolvio journey with her!

Audrey Bio Photo
Audrey Bio Photo
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Fetch Queen and Brand Ambassador

Audrey is the inspiration for Coolvio’s first product, the bArctic. Audrey has enjoyed the summer wearing the product prototypes, kayaking and paddle boarding, staring in promotional videos, and greeting her fans! Audrey has a human sister named Emily, and three cat siblings.

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