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Kickstarter Video

Veterinarian Review

Vet Experts Review the bArctic Shirt
Veterinarians Dr. Colleen Smith and Dr. Courtney Holscher share their thoughts about the bArctic shade shirt for dogs.

Small Business Saturday

bArctic Small Business Saturday
Saturday November 30, 2019. Public debut of bArctic dog shirt at Charlotte Center City Partners’ Small Business Saturday Event.

Coolvio’s Patented Technology

Wilson interviews the “Doctor-Professor”
Wilson, our WCCB TV friend, interviews inventor, Dr. Scipioni, about Coolvio’s Patented Technology.

Measure your dog

Learn how to measure your dog so can select correct size of bArctic dog shirt.

Durable and easy to clean

Coolvio’s bArctic dog shirt is made from durable materials which make it easy to hand wash and hang dry after each use.

Testimonial One

Antoni @antoniothepup with Nikki H. in Charlotte, NC
Antonio loves being out on the boat with his family! Nikki says, “He actually has worn it a lot. We had it on the boat yesterday!”

Testimonial Two

Ceiba with Anna Levesque in Asheville, NC
Anna and Ceiba love to standup paddleboard. Anna says the shirt keeps Ceiba “cool in the hot sun when she is standing, or sitting or running around on deck out here. We love the bArctic shirt!”

Testimonial Three

Wolfgang (aka Wolfie) with Lisa Y. in Charlotte, NC
Lisa was pleasantly surprised by Wolfgang’s reaction to wearing the bArctic and says, “Our Labradoodle, Wolfgang, usually freaks out if we try to get him to wear ANYTHING. Halloween costumes, sweaters, raincoats…even life jackets when we’re on the lake…cause him to stand frozen and he won’t move a step til we take it off. We were shocked when we put the bArctic on him and he happily wore it all day! We think he secretly loves it! Thank you!”

Fun 001

When True Love Calls
Whether it’s the heat of the summer or the hot burning flame of love, Audrey always plays it cool (in her bArctic).

Fun 002

What’s SUP With bArctic
Audrey wanted the paddle board all to herself today.

Fun 003

Remember Your bArctic
Don’t leave home with out it.

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