World‘s First bArctic Waterless Cooling Light Therapy Dog Shirt


Measuring Diagram

Measuring Tutorial

Sizing Chart
Shirt Size Chest Girth Back Length Weight Fit Gallery
3XS 10.0–15.0 in. 10.0–13.0 in. 3–8 lbs.
2XS 14.0–15.5 in. 11.5–15.0 in. 7–12 lbs.
XS 14.5–20.0 in. 12.0–19.0 in. 9–18 lbs.
S 19.0–24.5 in. 13.0–22.0 in. 15–33 lbs
M 23.5–28.0 in. 14.0–24.0 in. 25–55 lbs.
L 26.5–33.0 in. 18.0–32.0 in. 45–75 lbs.
XL 31.5–35.0 in. 22.0–34.0 in. 55–90 lbs.
2XL 32.0–38.0 in. 26.0–37.0 in. 75–125 lbs.
2XL-Long Coming soon. Pre-order now on Indiegogo
3XL Coming soon. Pre-order now on Indiegogo
3XL-Long Coming soon. Pre-order now on Indiegogo
*For wide chested dogs, if your measurements are on the high end of a size, select the next size up.
**If your dog falls between two sizes or prefers a looser fit, select the next size up.

Product Description

Fabric made in NC, USA with our patented technology that absorbs sunlight, including harmful UV light, and converts it into healthy, cool red and near-infrared light, which is used by many veterinarians for a variety of health benefits.

Fabric Content
95% Polyester/5% Spandex

Wash Instructions
Turn inside out and machine or hand wash cold with like colors and hang dry (do not dry clean, iron or bleach).

Tips to protect your dog and maximize playtime outside = Plan + Act + Watch + Stay Cool!!

Additional Guidance
Please note that wear and use of dog clothing should always be supervised. Never leave your dog unattended while wearing the bArctic. For dogs with injuries, please consult your veterinarian prior to having them wearing dog apparel.



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The bArctic

Waterless cooling dog shirt with light therapy

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